#29-49 - "Solid wood rosettes and plinth blocks from Olde Lexington are the perfect complement to your next casing installation. With rosettes from 2-1/2" to 6" in width, a broad selection of bullseye and edge profiles, and any species or thickness, we can match your specific requirement. A broad selection of plinth blocks as well as custom priming is available to complete your rosette order. Whether your need is for 8 rosettes or 8,000, Olde Lexington can build a program for you."
#29-14 - "Our innovative arch rosettes, available in a 2-1/2" and a 3-1/2" width, offer a unique and distinctive look."
#30-42 - "Deco rosettes from Olde Lexington are made with a removable deco insert, designed so that if you choose, you may use one finish on the rosette body and either the same of a different finish on the deco insert. From paint to stain to antique to metallic and on and on, the combinations and possibilities are endless."
#29-70 - " The standard size on the deco rosette is a 1-1/8" x 4" x 4", designed to accommodate most standard casings. To prepare the rosette for finishing, simply follow the instructions for removing the insert and then reapply after finishing. Available with your choice of four distinctive inserts, either square edge or profile edge, these rosettes will give your room a special finishing touch. "